Do It the Fertility Way (DFW) is a program which’s purpose is to support and improve infertility.

  • Created and provided by Rozina Palaiologou, Psychologist, holder of license of practice under no. 11326 / 15-05-09.
  • It is completed in 8 weekly sessions.
  • The methods used are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness, which are evidence based and proven to be the most effective in infertility support, and help increase pregnancy possibilities


Women who are 20, 30, 40 years old and try to conceive naturally or preparing for an assisted cycle, and need effective treatment for:

Ovulation issues

Finding and understanding the reason you do not ovulate during the menstrual cycle is the first step to getting to the solution. DFW educates you to help complementary and in a natural way, the treatment of anovulatory cycles.

Polycystic ovaries

It is one of the main reasons for infertility, and it also involves metabolism issues. DFW includes stress reduction techniques as well as diet thinking techniques, which play a key role in women with this kind of ovaries


There is no difficulty in getting pregnant, but the difficult part is “taking baby home”. This increases stress throughout pregnancy. With DFW we process and integrate the roller coaster of feelings that is created, so that we get to the desired result without losing the sense of control we insure in life.

Hormonal issues

Hormonal issues are one of the key factors that can stand as an obstacle to fertility. DFW works by lowering cortisol, the stress hormone, and this in turn triggers a flow of improvements in levels of the other hormones ( such as PRL and LH).

Repeated Failed IVF

When an assisted reproduction cycle starts, we never know what the result will be. Struggling to defeat the cause of the problem, feelings change from moment to moment, and it is as if we are in a bowling alley. With DFW, we learn to experience every step of the process, maintaining the emotional balance needed.

Unexplained infertility

Infertility without knowing the cause is called "unexplained" from a medical point of view, and it could also be attributed to mental causes. Psychology is nothing more than the expression of brain chemistry to our body, thoughts, behavior, and emotions. This means that the body and the mind form an integrated whole. DWF does not heal the soul, but it helps the body and the mind themselves to participate actively in the treatment.

Preparing for an assisted cycle

The DFW program aims to support complementarily an IVF cycle, to boost the body get the best result, which is to create and sustain a pregnancy.

Donors egg/sperm

Medicine offers the possibility to have our own child, using help from a third person's genetic material. For the medical stuff, it seems something so ordinary and easy. On the opposite, for us it is new and not so simple to step forward to it. With DFW we are getting acquainted with what this option means practically for both our present and our future, we are working on mixed feelings that emerge from a choice like this, and we decide if that suits us.